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Our services in the field of PLC technology:

  • Programming of PLC systems of all sizes 

  • Configuration of bus systems: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, TCP / IP, InterBus and ModBus, ASI

  • Concepts and security controls, applications                up to SIL3

  • Remote control technology

Complete drive technology solutions:

  • Drive configuration (concepts and design: mechanical, electrical, static and dynamic, optimized for efficiency and high availability)

  • Three-phase and DC regulated units of up to 10 MW.

  • Permanent magnet DC machines and resistance machines

Engineering and project services:

  • Configuration plans, thermal load determination

  • Network simulations and energy analysis

  • Contro conceptsl

  • Cost estimates

  • Specification of all components

  • Hardware engineering

  • Complete software - SCADA - HDMI

  • Simulations and digital twins

  • Commissioning and construction management

  • Optimization

  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Training

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