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Industrial services

We design and build:

  • Control cabinets and cabinets

  • Power cabinets and cabinets

  • Power Factor Correction Cabinets

  • BT distribution boards

  • Electrical monitoring cabinets

With a high performance electrical engineering office, we can provide the necessary upstream and downstream engineering steps as needed: 

  • Engineering

  • CAD design with EPLAN P8

We offer a range of services that goes beyond the pure construction of the board and covers all the demands of the required project

  • Construction management

  • Start up

  • Production suppor

  • Maintenance

  • Problem solving

  • Customer training

We have a wide variety of certified instruments for performing analysis:

  • Grounding

  • Thermographic and thermal

  •  Cómo se pronuncia

  • Dielectric strength

  • Synchronism and Harmonics (TDH)

  • Vibrations

  • Process calibrators

  • Network analyzers

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