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Especial services

We offer a new service for production, marketing and maintenance:

  • Services of taking videos and aerial photographs 

  • Services of taking videos and thermographic aerial photographs

  • Geographic visual survey services

Filming and photography services and editing of process videos:

  • Learning with greater didactics of the processes

  • Multimedia flow systems for product manufacturing

  • Advertising promotion video editing

  • Multimedia visual sampling of work progress, such as completed projects

  • Preliminary infographics edition

Thanks to our experience in the field of engineering, we can add this new service by complying with all current safety regulations currently demanded

We have equipment such as:

  • DJI Spark - DJI Inspire 2 - x4s - x5 - xt - DJI Osmo+

  • Fluke TI25 thermal camera - TI200

  • Fuke 381 - Fluke 438 II - Circutor R5

  • Metra hit 16I - Profitest 0100 S II

  • AHS II M - Fluke 1550 - Metrel MI 2086 ST

  • Thermomark card PhCon - Brother PT - E550 WVP

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